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Hamilton Reviews

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Average customer review: 4.0 star rating (3.9 Stars)

Number of reviews: 171



1.0 star rating Sidney Prueter from Indianapolis, Indiana


The first act is almost exclusively rap. Be prepared to miss a significant portion of the story line and character development. The second does have some conventional music. The story is great. The staging and choreography are good. Hamilton did not live up to my expectations.

1.0 star rating Feel ripped off from Atlanta, Georgia


This was a long wait for a show my wife and I looked forward to seeing being history fans. This was so bad my wife was ready to leave at intermission. The only highlight for us was King George. I dozed off multiple times. The rap was aweful at times making it hard to understand what it was they were saying. Thomas Jefferson was portrayed like a pimp.

1.0 star rating Carrie Winters from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


The best thing about it was our seats, second row balcony, the cost was $495 for three seats, OUTRAGOUS for what we experienced. The sound was not good, lots of static, voices going in and out, and trying to understand the rap, IMPOSSIBLE! We left the Benedum wondering what we just witnessed as it was too hard to follow a storyline with being unable to understand it. We talked to people around us at intermission (ages 14 and up) and thankfully they said the same thing, they could not understand or hear, it wasn't just us! The best character and easiest to understand was the king and even that wasn't great. I truly would not recommend this show to anyone but that is my opinion. We do not understand what all the hype is about and honestly we feel totally ripped off. Side note, $25 for parking, beyond acceptable.

1.0 star rating DMS from Spokane, Washington


So very, very disappointed. Hamilton requires... absolutely requires... intelligible lyrics. Without lyric clarity, there is no play. No story. All of the creative language, word-play, humor, character development... i.e. "Hamilton" never made it past the orchestra pit in Spokane. Leaving... a cast of stand-ins and ensemble actors jumping energetically about a static stage set or standing bravely on wooden boxes rhythmically belting out... what may as well have been a recitation of the table of elements. Having seen Hamilton via streaming, I had very high hopes for the live show. This version... the sound engineers/facility utterly failed the performance. The first act was akin to acoustic punishment. Left at intermission. Appreciated the night out, but what a shame. If you can't technically support a Broadway production, don't book it. Seems simple. Disappointed enough to write a review hoping the facility will step up the quality of their product. Would not recommend. Sad.

1.0 star rating Doug from Seattle, Washington


Truly the worst musical I have ever seen. While I do appreciate the innovation and creative intent, this musical falls flat on its face. Simply put it is a series of scenes strung together without an engaging story. It has the emotional appeal of a Super Bowl half-time show. Great choreography and energy but no substance. The characters are two-dimensional and I found I didn’t care what happened to them.

1.0 star rating Kevin C from Costa Mesa, California


Sounded really interesting. In reality it was not good at all. Was completely struck by how awful it was. To the extent that I left to go home at the intermission. I love going to the theater, but this was quite the worst “show” I have ever been to.

1.0 star rating David Fluharty from Atlanta, Georgia


Couldn't hear almost a word of the entire show. We were seated center stage with very expensive seats and had to "cup" my ears to try and hear the words. Unfortunately that didn't work so I went without understanding a great portion of the show. The biggest mistake we made was staying for the second act! The set was pleasing, the costumes and choreography were all quite good but without being able to actually hear the lyrics, the story was completely lost on us. I don't like Rap, but knew it was part of the show....which turned out to be the worst part of it as it was completely incomprehensible! In short, worst show I've ever seen, would definitely not recommend and so sorry I stayed through the whole thing. It never got better in act 2.

1.0 star rating Karen k from West Palm Beach, Florida


Don’t waste your money!! Might be ok on TV, but in the theater at 50 yards the dialogue is unintelligible, the Storyline and characters are hard to follow. Like the Emperor has no clothes( and Im not referring to King George) this musical was overblown by the New York theater crowd!

2.0 star rating John H from Boston, Massachusetts


I'm 39 and definitely not losing my hearing; however, I was in the upper deck and could understand about 25% of what was said. The song tempos are relatively fast and I'm sure the actors were enunciating their lines, however, it didn't definitely sound that way. Much of it sounded like gibberish. My father (71 years old) understood about 5%. It became a material part of our experience - too bad! I encourage a headphone option.

2.0 star rating from Des Moines, Iowa


im glad that i went, but i was let down when i heard hamilton and aaron burr trying to “rap.” the actors sounded like they had never even heard the original cast. they had very little emotion if any and there were a lot of parts where they were off rhythm. i could have been a better aaron burr.

2.0 star rating Cathy from Columbus, Ohio


My husband and I were greatly looking forward to this... but we ended up leaving during intermission. First, the positives: King George was easy to love, and the choreography was a delight. Unfortunately, the rest of the production fell flat. The rapping was mostly unintelligible, and cast members were both off-key and lacked compelling singing voices. The acting was also a miss. The writing / dialogue left much to be desired despite the acclaim, and I found that the jokes generally fell flat. (I have seen a number of Broadway shows in New York and they were all vastly higher in quality.) It was probably the most disappointing musical I have been to - possibly because my expectations were so high. I would save my money up for another show.

2.0 star rating Dan Kilgore from San Antonio, Texas


Lots of hype around the show maybe raised expectations too high. The show was good, but not spectacular. Hard to follow the rap pace, plus the phrasing used in rap, so the story gets lost. Choreography is minimal and the majesty of typical musical numbers just isn’t there. Have been a season ticket holder for 10 years and would rank this show in the bottom 25% of shows.

2.0 star rating Gail from Milwaukee, Wisconsin


My husband and I were excited to see Hamilton in Milwaukee. Our seats were excellent, but when a play’s story is dependent on the audience understanding what the actors are singing, it fell short. My husband understood nothing and I struggled to pick out words. Very disappointing.

2.0 star rating Rona Tattersdill from Naples, Florida


What a disappointment! The in house sound system was totally unbalanced. As an orchestral musician with excellent hearing I struggled to hear the words. The solo songs were drowned out by just the violins at times and generally the singers voices were almost inaudible. There was no power in the performance which was happening on the stage but failed to reach or include the audience. Such a shame because the costumes, set and choreography were excellent.

2.0 star rating Susan from West Palm Beach, Florida


This was all about the hype. The production was mediocre at best. This great story was lost amid poorly developed characters and rhythm. Most of the story takes place behind the scenes with the characters merely telling telling us about it in Dr Seuss-like fashion. For a few minutes, the first act after the intermission gave me hope. What a shame we weren’t shown more historical action and debate. It wasn’t always clear who each of the characters were. The women characters seemed to have been brought in as an aside, and did nothing to add to Hamilton’s story. Even Hamilton’s son death story was under whelming. Overall, it was boring, and certainly not worth the ticket price.

2.0 star rating Harry from Toronto, Ontario


I saw Hamilton a few years ago in London not knowing a thing about the play except all the hype and I left blown away! I would have given it 5 of 5 stars. I was very excited when it finally came to Toronto and went with my huge disappointment. The casting was well below what we are used to in Toronto and the biggest shame was that Hamilton himself was probably the worst of the worst. He lacked charisma and spunk. The second key actor, his wife, was probably the second weakest performer?!?! The rest were average to fantastic - The king, Burr and Jefferson were fantastic. Anyway, I had huge expectations after seeing it in London and this production, uncharacteristically for a Mirvish Production, failed big time.

2.0 star rating John from Miami, Florida


We saw HamIlton Last night in Miami. Wow, I will go to New York next time. Poor acoustics. I could not understand what was said at all times. Not ready cast. Scenography can be recreated fir $500 at Ikea. Ziff Theater is horrible and to top it off two seats from me there was a woman sneezing and coughing so much that people tokd het she should have stayed home. Not worth it at all.

2.0 star rating Mary Stone from Toronto, Ontario


While the individual performances were great, overall I would give Hamilton a pass. Much of the singing was rap, with very loud music, making it difficult to understand, and follow the dialogue. Not being from the U.S. and familiar with their history, made it difficult to relate to.

2.0 star rating Season ticket holder from Sacramento, California


I didn’t know it was a rap. If your young and enjoy rap I’m sure it was great but I did not enjoy it. I could not understand most of the characters, Thomas Jefferson was the worst I never understood a word he said. The heavy sit guy was hit and miss as was the others. Plus our forefathers were not black, and definitely did not know what rap was. So sorry I wasted my money on this show.

2.0 star rating Stacy from Los Angeles, California


I couldn’t wait to see it and was so disappointed. I couldn’t understand much of the singing, so I was lost most of the play. Amazing voices and acting, but I would not recommend to anyone.

2.0 star rating Robin Gerken from Tucson, Arizona


During the first Act it was impossible to hear the singing over the music. I have never seen the play or the movie and not being able to understand the story that was being told was very disappointing. Centennial Hall on the University of Arizona Campus in Tucson AZ was able to make adjustments for the 2nd Act, but at this point we are 2 hours in and my excitement for the night was gone. Very disappointing

2.0 star rating Greg from Austin, Texas


I love the show and have seen 3 times. I hope Bass Hall and the staff can dial in the voice quality. I could not understand 85% of the words. Music is great, but it overpowered all the artist's voices. I hope the artist can slow down just a little to better dial-in Bass Hall's somewhat poor vocal acoustics.

2.0 star rating Malunda from Memphis, Tennessee


My son and I waited for months with great anticipation to experience Hamilton in the famous Orpheum theater. However, the overall experience was such a huge disappointment that we left during intermission. The most obvious shortcoming was the sound system. It was weak and distorted. It had very little bass and the vocals were almost inaudible. As I'm sure many know that the Hamilton soundtrack has a hip hop feel to it, so hearing those songs without the proper amount of bass simply reduced the experience to that of a mediocre high school production. Oh and don't get me started about the tiny, bumpedy seats from the original "Ford's Theatre." C'mon Orpheum. Time to upgrade.

2.0 star rating Anne from Denver, Colorado


I lived in NYC for many years and regularly went to Broadway and off-Broadway plays and musicals...I love the theater! I've never before had the experience of not being able to hear/understand what was happening on stage for an entire production. At times, the overall volume seemed low, at other points the music (and bass) overwhelmed the actors rapping so what they were saying was unintelligible. My friend expressed the same problem at intermission. It was hugely disappointing and frustrating. This morning I am left with the strange experience of having seen a hit show last night and not having a clue what actually happened in the plot. The actors were talented and had a lot of energy, but if you don't already know the score well, you'll likely be lost.

2.0 star rating Ann B from Charlotte, North Carolina


After a 7 year wait and paying a king’s ransom for a ticket to Hamilton at the Belk Theater in Charlotte, I wished I had stayed home and watched it again on Disney +. There were a few good seasoned performers (Burr, Washington and the Schuyler sisters) who could not carry a too-young cast who didn’t have their hearts in it. The performance did not live up to the opus nor the history it portrayed. I’m inclined to think it can’t survive without Miranda.

2.0 star rating DJ from St. Louis, Missouri


This is the third production I've seen of Hamilton, and second at the Fox... and oh my, how has this quality fallen off. There is serious talent in the casts of these shows, and it is evident in certain pieces, but the technical production has taken a nose dive. Mics not functioning, sound unbalanced, and everything far too quiet. This is a show designed to fill the theatre with sound, and it was very difficult to even hear these actors... over the sounds of their footsteps and squeaking boots. There must have been a speaker blown at some point that went unfixed... because snare drums shouldn't sound like bees, and bass shouldn't sound like it's from next door.

2.0 star rating K.west from Vancouver, British Columbia


My wife & I saw the original in New York, pre Covid. Unfortunately, and it wasn't just us (we talked to 10 others who were at the show), the enunciation of some of the key actors (Lafayette, Washington) was muddled and completely impossible to understand. I am mostly disappointed for those people who were there for their first time, spent a lot of $$$ & thought this was the way it was supposed to be.

2.0 star rating Laura Dille from Des Moines, Iowa


Sunday, June 5, 2022 Performance: My husband and I did not realize this musical was rap. We could not understand what the cast was saying when they were rapping thus we could not follow the storyline. Also, the music sometimes would drown out the cast. We ended up leaving at intermission. We have been to many musicals over the years and have NEVER left at intermission. To say the least, we were quite disappointed since we had been looking forward to seeing "Hamilton" for some time.

2.0 star rating A and B from Hartford, Connecticut


We were very excited to see Hamilton for our first time at Mortensen Hall in the Bushnell Theatre. The lyrics were unintelligible for most the cast during the frist act. The overall music was drowning out the cast in addtion to the poor voice quality. Things improved a bit in the second act but left feeling like we missed half of the show. Very disappointing considering the price of tickets and the reputation of Hamilton.

2.0 star rating Cynthia King from Ottawa, Ontario


"Hamilton" was a great disappointment mainly for technical reasons. The orchestra was far too luud and drowned out the performers' words most of the time. I could not follow the story because I could not understand what was being sung/said. The overall aural impression was a high decibel level. I felt assaulted. On the plus side, the choreography was amazing and the performers very talented. The small amount of the dialogue that I could understand sounded very clever and I wished I could have heard it all properly. It was hot in the venue as well. Since I could not follow the story and was feeling oppressed by the high volume level, I left at intermission.

2.0 star rating Diane K from Seattle, Washington


5 of us attended. 3 of us knew the Hamilton musical, thank goodness because that allowed us to follow the plot. The other 2 had no idea, because the SOUND mixing/mics was so terrible. Often way too loud, most everything was distorted, and mics failed on several occasion. The cast was amazing - they deserve better. Saw Cinderella several years ago here - beautiful balanced sound back then.

2.0 star rating Jess Dixon from Washington, District of Columbia


We arrived with tickets on Mobil device as requested (there was no option of Will Call) and also printed pdf. The ticket holder who had the the tickets on Mobil device was elderly and had mild parkinson's, the usher was also elderly with shaky hands, the usher kept barking orders at the ticket holder, "make it brighter" "make it bigger" "hold it still" while her shaky hand could not scan the qr code. The line was being held up so she barked for us to step aside. I was tempted to just ask for a $1200 refund. What ever happened to "will call" ticket pick up. For those prices you would think you could get an actual ticket. It was an unpleasant experience and as much as the tickets cost, you should not need binoculars to see the actors. I think this is the swan song for shows at the Kennedy Center. There are many other better venues to experience theatrical productions that have better more responsive patron service. Not worth it.

2.0 star rating Chris from Madison, Wisconsin


Heard so much about it, just had to go. Loved the idea of the multi racial cast, sounded so novel. But...the lyrics of the rap/music were only partially intelligible, and the songs just blended into one long drone. It was as if there were only three songs, and they rotated them. The actors appeared to be just going thru the motions at points, with only a few stand outs. I've seen many a musical or play, and this is by far at the bottom of the list.

2.0 star rating Annoyed and Disappointed from Toronto, Ontario


I love broadway plays and musicals. The performance was brilliant, but, and this is a big but... we sat in the upper balcony along the side and couldn't make out 50% of the words that were being rapped or sung, which was super frustrating because how do you know the story if you can't make out the words? I blame it on the sound system or our seats, not the performers. Truly felt like I wasted $600+ and enjoyed it much more on Disney+ channel! Maybe just don't sit where we sat.

2.0 star rating from Atlanta, Georgia


I was frustrated with the performance. Mostly because of Deonte Goodman's Burr (actually only Burr, but Burr is so much of the play, that it messed up the whole thing). It's not just that it departed from the sound track and other performances I have seen, it was sort of the way it departed. Like, it was doing things differently for the sake of doing them differently, not because it added anything. for most of the play he just sang off cadence for no particular reason. Off cadence and, not off key, but off note. Like you know how for any given note in a song you can hit the note or octive abive or below, and it still works. And sometimes it can add a great accent when done seemd like Burr did this for every note of every song. It was like a remix of a song that is so different that it is just a different song, it just has the same lyrics. Like he was going out of his way to say this is MY take on Burr. It was just distracting. It was not enjoyable.

3.0 star rating Jessica Scott from Boston, Massachusetts


I'm not hard to please, and as I said above I enjoyed watching Hamilton. It was very entertaining: I've never seen anything quite like it. I rate both the Lion King & Les Miserables higher, but it's in the top 5 for most memorable shows. The Boston Opera House, however, actively tried to spoil that experience by treating theater goers more like sardines being crammed into a can than people who were paying a lot of money for a once in a lifetime experience. Mobil tickets (displayed on your phone & not printable beforehand) are the in-thing now, & it's hard enough bringing each barcode up on your phone if it's more than just you. For the 4 people in my group I had to show each of our tickets 5 times to get to our seats. It's expected at the door, but the ushers are supposed to help, not block your path and demand to see your tickets repeatedly. Someone in the wrong seat in a full house will be caught: the harassment is uncalled for and rude. It made a 5 star show a 3 star experience.

3.0 star rating Leslie from Boston, Massachusetts


My husband surprised me with Hamilton tickets. I was beyond excited. I spent the day of the show in a state of giddy anticipation. But, sadly, I was underwhelmed. We got the understudy for Hamilton, and he was very flat to me. At first I thought I was just used to Lin- Manuel Miranda from the original cast recording and that I would adapt after a few numbers, but to me he lacked the energy and charisma the role requires. I thought the actor who played Aaron Burr played the role too broadly and was miscast in general. Similarly, I felt the actress who played Eliza wasn’t right for her role and lacked vocal chops. And overall, the rapping wasnt’ that great. I’m glad I saw it, but I can’t say that this touring production was worth the ticket price. .

3.0 star rating Gary Christopher from Atlanta, Georgia


The sets and choreography are very well done, acting is solid, and the history is so so. King George was hilarious. Why did it leave me wanting more for the exorbitant price I paid? First of all several initial songs were hard to follow for my untrained ears...some were unintelligible. Others were in the same place as me. There is a wonderful story to be told that was wanting because of the new age rap and street culture feel.. It is a musical but unlike any other musical I have witnessed. I yearned for more substance. It seemed to me that some people cheer more for the political statement being made about today than the treasure present in real life in the past. I have seen Jersey Boys 5 times, Carole King three times, The Million Dollar Quartet 4 Times, The Sound of Music 6 times, Memphis and Dream Girls several times.. I love musicals and I am a history buff, particularly founding father history. This one just did not resonate with me even though I wanted it to.

3.0 star rating Gina from Atlanta, Georgia


I saw Hamilton at the Fabulous Fox in Atlanta. When the show began, there was thunderous applause from the audience... before they saw the show. That speaks to the hype and the bandwagon fans. The main complaint is that I concentrated very hard to hear what was being sung and still could only understand about half so I barely followed. I truly don’t understand why people cried. Did you not pay attention in history class? Spoiler alert, Burr shot Hamilton in a dual. I am a crier but didn’t feel touched at all. On the positive side, there was a lot of talent on the stage, actors, dancers, singing. The production was quite grand, but after re-listening to the music, talking to people, reading about the inception of the show, etc., I still don’t understand why the actors were multi-racial. Couldn’t Hamilton’s abolishionism have been better served had he been white?And Jefferson... he had an affair with a slave and produced a child, a cleaner story had he been white.

3.0 star rating Disappointed from St. Louis, Missouri


For the money I paid, I was severely underwhelmed. I took my daughter, who is a big fan of the original cast and the songs. However, this cast, was really not that good. Hamilton, was okay. Handsome, but just okay. Eliza was good in the first act, but was much better in the second act. Angelica was amazing in both acts. My biggest complaint would be Washington. He was so hard to understand. I had no idea what he was singing. A very handsome man who looked the part, just couldn't understand him. Lafayette/Jefferson was very funny, and not as hard to understand, but still was challenging to understand every word he was singing. Also the actor who played Madison, he too was hard to understand. I felt for all the money I paid, the cast would be top notch. The best performance was King George. He was spot on and truly a talented actor. I wish I could get my money back. I feel very cheated from what I saw. I never have spent so much money to be this disappointed.

3.0 star rating Annie from St. Louis, Missouri


While the show was unique and dancing exceptional, the audio was not. I was sitting in orchestra section and could not understand the dialogue being sung. It was loud enough, but spoken so rapidly, it was like listening to another language. I actually dozed off a few times during the show from boredom. Certainly not your typical musical, but not for audiences over 35 unless you are really into rap music and can understand the almost incoherent verbiage. A friend of mine purchased the audio tape in January and was glad. She was at the same showing and had a much better understanding of the dialogue, thought she too could not make out some of the words being sung. Guess the new age of music requires a study before viewing. .

3.0 star rating Amy from Columbus, Ohio


I was extremely disappointed by the choice Eliza's character made to shave half of her head before the show. It looked terrible and I thought her performance was only so-so. Her ending gasp sounded ridiculous rather than moving. The king over-reached and seemed more about himself rather than the performance. The dancers, however, were absolutely remarkable in bringing to life the emotional charge that was somewhat lacking with the performers. I did greatly enjoy the characters of Hamilton, Washington, and Jefferson.

3.0 star rating AJ from Tampa, Florida


Went to see Hamilton in Tampa, unfortunately we got the stand by performer for Alexander Hamilton. The show is good and historically interesting. We have seen many shows and we are struggling to get this show in our top 10. Sorry this does not hold a candle to Les Mis

3.0 star rating Jude from Cincinnati, Ohio


SURPRISINGLY HORRIBLE VOCAL ABILITIES OF SOME CAST MEMBERS. I have seen many great performances here. This was not one of them. This was by far the biggest disappointment of any. While the story is awesome, the music and orchestra great, the costumes wonderful, and the choreography beautiful, some of the vocal abilities of major characters shocked me - in a really bad way. Eliza’s vocal abilities were so bad that it ruined the entire show for me. I saw Hamilton in Chicago, and this Cincinnati performance was ruined by 2 of the main characters, specifically Eliza and George Washington. So sad for the rest of the cast who are very talented and no doubt work hard - unfortunately Eliza and Geo W made the entire show a failure. I have never heard a worse voice in a performance than the Cincinnati Eliza. How in the world did these 2 performers get their roles? Hamilton on tour must be desperate. Sorry, but true. I feel very cheated, knowing how great this should have been.

3.0 star rating C. Marie from New Orleans, Louisiana


I went to the Thursday night showing. I get it: the lyrics are fast and tongue twisting and some actors rap with a french accents. However, I wasn't impressed. The cast needed to enunciate their words more. I was shocked the caliber of vocalists weren't as high as the cost of the tickets (I was 14 rows back from the stage). Also, the music often drowned out the voices of Hamilton and Burr (this should be fixed BEFORE the show). In this regard, I felt cheated; I couldn't enjoy the show anymore because I was stressed about IF the cast members would be intelligible in the next scene and IF I'd be able to hear them. I know the lyrics by heart but my family does not, and it was heartbreaking when one turned to me, threw up his hands in frustration and said "I have no clue what they're saying". Solid acting. Beautiful dancing. The Eliza and Angelica actresses NAILED their parts. But the lyrics in particular are what make the show unique and we couldn't hear half of them. I'm devastated.

3.0 star rating Grace from Boston, MA


I saw Hamilton a few months ago in New York and was blown away, so I sprung at the chance to see it close to home. I saved up and bought a ticket in the orchestra section. I was horribly disappointed. Thomas Jefferson was the only truly enjoyable performance. It seems like the cast had never heard the original Broadway recording - they changed notes, pitches, and even a few words! Eliza seemed to be holding back, and she cried through the entire performance of “Burn” to the point that I was just waiting for it to be over. The acting was non existent. If a performer wasn’t in the ensemble, they barely moved. A far cry from what I was expecting and I wish I’d saved up to take a trip to see the New York performance again instead.

3.0 star rating Joe from Schenectady, New York


I saw Hamilton at Proctors, in Schenectady, NY on August 14, 2019. I was so filled with anticipation, yet walked away disappointed. No one told the people in the sound booth that when balancing the sound system, the singers should be louder than the orchestra, not the other way around. Fortunately, I knew the words, and was able to follow along. But, when most of the people sitting around me, whom I did not know, started looking at each other asking, "Can you hear them singing?", I knew it wasn't just me. Plus, many of the leads were not enunciating their lyrics, which made it even worse. The song tempos were too fast in a few songs, making it difficult for the performers to keep up. With that being said, there were captivating moments, especially in Act 2. The slower songs with minimal orchestration were the best...because they could be heard. Shame on the Hamilton tour for not getting the sound correct, especially for the high ticket price.

3.0 star rating Gail from Tulsa, Oklahoma


I was excited to see such a highly rated show, but the rap was mostly unintelligible. The actors are extremely talented dancers and singers but due to the poor sound quality, many of the the jokes were missed and the show was not enjoyable. Stay for the second half. It is better after the intermission. King George was hysterical.

3.0 star rating Cindy from Omaha, Nebraska


I went with my husband, our two teenage daughters and my mother. Our daughters were very familiar with the songs and loved the show! My mother and I expected to love it but could only understand about 5% of the words. After struggling for 90 minutes to comprehend what was going on, the two of us finally gave up and left during the intermission. My husband was able to enjoy it somewhat. Thankfully, we drove two cars. We noticed several other people who left during intermission also.

3.0 star rating Tom Nicholas from Madison, Wisconsin


OK, I know it was the night before thanksgiving, but to have the top four parts being performed by understudies shows contempt for an audience that was paying top dollar. The Hamilton understudy actually was great but Burr, Washington, and Eliza parts were emotionally kind of dead. There also might have been replacement or missing musicians that night as well. The timing was sometimes off and barely audible at times. Several of the other characters were spectacular and I am guessing that the performance was great the other nights. So why did we Wednesday customers lose out? You don't expect a regional touring show to match the Broadway or Chicago versions, but I expect the same effort. Didn't get it the night before TG.

3.0 star rating Angeline from Toronto, Ontario


We have been enormous fans of this production since its debut (learning lyrics well enough to support any ill or vacation-wanting cast member) Our hopes for greatness were high! Major roles of Washington & Burr were outstanding, but Hamilton himself lacked an ability to connect with his peers and this audience. We found the Schuyler Sister act needed some adjusting. The role of Angelica was owned by the actress that sang her spot to the top but switching Eliza for Peggy was a hope. Eliza over sang in a pitchy nasally tone which came out like a shrill most times and we left wanting more of the actress that sang with richness & grace from the artist who was Peggy. With Hamilton finally making it to Canada’s Broadway city the Ed Mirvish theatre was the perfect venue for this production. In the True North we are home to world class theatres, halls and stadiums. We love our music, theatre, diversity and inclusion, the story of this musical speaks to that. Sorry it took so long to get here.

3.0 star rating Maxine Walker from Toronto, Ontario


I am glad that I went to see what all the hype is about, I give Mirvish some extra stars for their advertising, but disappointed in the overall performance. The rap is very difficult to understand, First Act dragged mercilessly, I would of walked out if not with friends, 2:45 hours I will never get back. The set is the same throughout the play, which was also disappointing, considering it started in the West Indies, to Washington, even his house was the same background, just a change of desks. On the plus side, the costumes were excellent, all actors hit their cues. Would I recommend it? Probably not, the price is too high for the quality.

3.0 star rating Nailah from Los Angeles, California


I saw Hamilton at the Pantages four times, 1st 3 OUTSTANDING. Actors, orchestra, choreography, staging, set, writing, lighting, Pure BRILLIANCE! This time the set/lighting/choreography, amazing. The writing is still brilliant except where characters changed lines. Alexander said meow instead of "that's true" and other examples plus lines being left out. I question the casting decisions. Burr, Angelica, and Eliza lacked luster and vocal ability. They missed notes. The actor playing Burr lacked presence and vocal ability that must come with Burr. It is Broadway in Los Angeles not a home town show. Outstanding performances were from Carvens Lissaint, Ruben Carbajal, and Rory O’Malley. Westman gave a decent performance. Maybe they were having a bad day. Another review I read made similar remarks about the cast. The most disappointing part was the music. There wasn't a full live orchestra. There was only one person in the pit. You can still feel the genius that is Miranda's work.

3.0 star rating Joanne Thompson from Tempe, Arizona


I have a problem with taking actual historical that lived portraying them in caricatures that are absolutely nothing like them in any way, shape or form. What next, a blond, blue eyed, petite white woman as Martin Luther King, Jr.? The music, actors and orchestra was great, but the whole premise is just preposterous.

3.0 star rating from Tempe, Arizona


It was fun seeing Hamilton later in their fist week. We saw the alternate Aaron Burr in this production. It must have been an off night as the sound was very uneven. Sometimes i heard a lush chorus and sometimes not. The actors seem to change octaves or keys periodically and the dancers were good though not always in sync. It was a collection of talented people who had glimmers of great but not quite. I cant wait to see them after they have had a chance to work together for awhile and find their way. Characters like Lafayette and King George would begin a song in their characters accent then fall into an american accent. During a duel scene i could swear a part of the singing was missing. There was a silent gap in the piece for a moment. It was definitely a room full of talent. I cant wait to see what they do.

3.0 star rating Janet McConnell from Tempe, Arizona


I liked the energy, the costumes, the lighting, and the singing- when I could understand it. I was in. VIP seating, row 9 and sometimes I couldn’t hear, much less understand what they were saying. Those around me agreed. This was the first time I’ve ever seen it, so the enunciation was important to me. Tip to others, learn the songs before you go

3.0 star rating Disappointed in JAX from Jacksonville, Florida


The show was what I expected but the actors’ portrayals were lacking in energy & enthusiasm. Actors seemed tired & disinterested. King George was the bright spot. The audience deserved better.

3.0 star rating Doug from Los Angeles, California


Saw this at Hollywood Pantages on 10/16/21. I read all of the lyrics the night before, and am I ever glad I did. The only performer who was easy to understand was King George. The Washington character was so disappointing, since physically he had stage presence but he couldn't be understood. The Eliza character had good musical tone but was also hard to understand. Hamilton was good (and generally easily understood) but not outstanding. Burr was pretty good but not great. For all the hype and great reviews this show has received, it is inconceivable to me that such mediocre performances be acceptable. With so much incomprehensible singing, you will be totally lost if you don't pre-read the lyrics and synopsis of the story and it won't be enjoyable at all. Having said this, the music and dancing are top rate and it is a very creative and enjoyable adaption of Hamilton's story.

3.0 star rating Tamara from Greensboro, North Carolina


The singing was great. The cast at the April 7th matinee lacked the diversity of the original musical. The tone and the delivery of many lines did not sound natural.

3.0 star rating Terrie from St. Louis, Missouri


It was a good performance, but not what I expected. My friends and I have season tickets to the Fox and were looking forward to this show. If I would have listened to the sound track before hand it might have been more enjoyable. It was hard to follow since most of the words in the songs were hard to make out. We saw the Sunday afternoon show on 4/24, and all I can say is that I was a little disappointed that it was hard to follow the charaters words since you couldn't understand what they were saying when they were singing.

3.0 star rating Rick E. from Seattle, Washington


I loved the show, but something was very wrong with either the sound or some actors. Lafayette, for example - never understood a single word. He got slightly better as Jefferson later. Other actors were also hard to hear. Hamilton himself was clear. This same thing happened in JCS when it came through.

3.0 star rating KCO from Washington, District of Columbia


Great set costumes music singing but the music especially the bass drum of the drum set was set way way too loud. Much of what was said by the singers was completely covered by the over produced music and pounding bass drum/ sub bass keyboard. I felt sometimes like I was in a rock concert. heard several others at intermission discussing the same thing. During chorus songs where everyone was singing it was fine but individual songs or quiet areas of the songs the drums just covered the soloists and pounded the beat way over the top.

3.0 star rating Taiwanna S. from Washington, District of Columbia


So excited to see Hamilton! Spent $$$ on great seats. Had the soundtrack on full volume every Saturday morning for weeks! While not big fans of rap, my husband and I have been exposed to rap by our daughter and every summer, all summer long as our 2 teen grandchildren spend summer break with us. SO DISAPPOINTED in the singing in the first act in particular. WE COULD NOT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING with the exception of solos. I thought it was the sound system- but this was the Kennedy Center! The dancing, the choreography, the set and scenery ALL EXCEPTIONAL. Thankfully we were able to understand and enjoy the second act but I feel I have been duped. We read the reviews, BUT DIDN’T SCROLL TO PAGE 20 WHERE THE 3 STAR and BELOW reviews ARE HIDDEN! NO, I SADLY WOULD NOT RECOMMEND anyone see this particular performance. At least not without subtitles.

3.0 star rating Erin Brown from Baltimore, Maryland


I am a HUGE Hamilton fan and very familiar with all the music and story. I was so looking forward to seeing it again post-COVID. The sound quality at the Hippodrome fell short. Though the orchestra and music were fantastic, it overwhelmed the vocals. It was very difficult to hear the performances. In addition, during the second half there was an emergency of some kind in the upper balcony and the cast had to clear the stage during the beginning of the second act. This lasted for at least 5 minutes. While we never did know what happened, the show did go on and they restarted the number. I would say overall the second half was much better. I found all the cast to be talented, but it was just very difficult to hear them at times. Hoping this can be corrected prior to future shows.

3.0 star rating D from Toronto, Ontario


Caught this show in 2020 when it came to Toronto, and was very excited to see it's return. Sadly, I was incredibly disappointed. The audio was terribly balanced. Certain cast members were practically inaudible and the score was wildly overpowering the vocals. About 2/3 through the show I think someone finally made a change and this improved. It was unfortunate since there were so many elements that were wonderfully executed. It was an otherwise amazing show (the swing cast was fantastic!), I just wish I was able to hear half of the show.

3.0 star rating Eric from Schenectady, New York


Love the show and this cast was wonderful. Seeing the full staging was incredible after watching Disney plus version with too many closeups. However, the drums and bass were way too hot in the mix. They obliterated intelligibility of lyrics as well as the other musicians in the pit orchestra. Balance was way off. Others sitting around me had the same reaction at intermission. Hope they can fix this.

3.0 star rating A.S. from Norfolk, Virginia


The three stars go to the orchestra, scenery & brilliant staging, but the singing was highly disappointing; the director didn’t understand that hip hop requires extra attention to diction. I agree with other reviewers who said “mostly unintelligible” and “much of it sounded like gibberish”. Other than Hamilton I don’t listen to hip hop, but I am a trained musician who has listened to hundreds of performances, so it’s not my ability to listen; and I have fully enjoyed TV & YouTube excerpts. Among the leads: Hamilton got caught up in sibilants, Jefferson sang too far back in his throat, and King George was overly nasal, all of which buried the words. As far as acting, King George deserves high marks (very entertaining despite being unintelligible) but portraying Jefferson as a narcissistic self-aggrandizer was objectionable (opposite the actual Jefferson). I still recommend seeing Hamilton; Miranda’s brilliant work provides an exciting experience even if you can’t understand the words!

3.0 star rating John from Atlanta, Georgia


Didn’t like all of the rap thru the play. Performers were great tho.

3.0 star rating Todd and Dani from Atlanta, Georgia


We all know that when we see a show on tour, we aren’t going to see the iconic original cast. For Hamilton, however, the pure saturation of the amazing LMM production via Disney Plus sets unrealistic expectations on even the most aware of veteran show goers. The touring cast in Atlanta was good. Not great. Perhaps the casting is a bit off on some of the Skylar sisters, but they didn’t captivate us the way we had hoped. The sound was off, and it was difficult to hear the actors at times, even from 10 rows back. Costumes, lighting, set, and orchestra were A Plus amazing. No questions on that. But this touring cast seemed to be taking the night off at times, which was disappointing. Ensemble brought the energy and moves - but the featured actors were obviously deflated tonight. We love the Fox Theatre and we know it won’t always be a hit. But this show should have been, and it all starts with casting the right talent. This one just came up short.

4.0 star rating Delilah Janes from Toronto, Ontario


I didn't even know what "Broadway" was before September of 2016, the first time I heard of 'HAMILTON'. I was introduced by a friend, and I think it changed my life, digging up my love for singing and musical theatre. HAMILTON inspired me to find a part of me that I didn't even realize existed, which is quite inspiring. At this point, barely a year after, I don't listen to Shawn Mendes or Justin Bieber anymore. My iTunes consists of Hamilton, in the Heights, The Little Mermaid: the Musical, Legally Blonde, Dear Evan Hansen, Wicked, Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812, Heathers, Something Rotten!, The Colour Purple, and many more. Thank you, Lin- Manuel Miranda! :)

4.0 star rating Jay from Boston, Massachusetts


Saw the Boston production of Hamilton last week. The show, music and dancing are phenomenal. The actors who portrayed Lafayette/Jefferson and King George III stole the show with overflowing talent. I felt that both the actors who played Burr and Hamilton were mis-cast. The Burr actor demonstrated a beautiful tenor range during Dear Theodosia, but during the song Non-Stop, there is a forceful entrance that Burr makes when he finally has gotten angry. Those notes are more in the baritone range and I feel the actor couldn't deliver the intensity and volume required to portray that anger. There were a few other times I noticed he didn't have a strong lower range and I feel this detracted from his portrayal. I feel The actor who played Hamilton played him too politely. Hamilton is described as "obnoxious" but I didn't get that feeling from the actor. This was especially notable when the character is delivering what are supposed to be snide remarks. With that said, was enjoyable.

4.0 star rating Marin from Cleveland, Ohio


Saw it last night at Playhouse Square Cleveland and enjoyed it. I have to say though that the audio was poor. If Hamilton is to thoroughly be enjoyed the rapping and singing have to be understood. I could not understand the words they were singing half the time and it greatly reduced my enjoyment. I was very close to the stage so it wasn't like I was in the last row. I was glad to read others felt as I do. I have seen scores of Broadway shows at Playhouse Square and enjoyed the majority of them. I never experienced not being able to understand the dialogue though.

4.0 star rating Arby from Detroit, Michigan


I got lost in the rap. King George made the show for me.

4.0 star rating Alan Broad from Grosse Pointe, Michigan


It's always a challenge to be fair to a play that is based on a book you loved and have read. Ron Chernow, the author of the amazing biography Hamilton, writes with power, grace and authority. The play is a very creative tour de force, but a derivative at best. The first Act could use some work. The second Act was brilliant. Always good to be at the iconic Fisher Theater.The sound system could use some tweaking.

4.0 star rating Jessie from Schenectady, New York


Wonderful acting, singing and dancing But was frustrated by inability to understand half the songs. Words were muddled, maybe a combination of acoustics, speed of the song, orchestra louder than the singers. As much as I enjoyed overall show, I feel like I missed a lot of the content

4.0 star rating Michael from Portland, Oregon


The dialog was very difficult to understand! Not sure if it was the performers enunciations or the microphones, speakers, etc. Seated on the main floor & probably could understand 50% of what was said & less when rapped

4.0 star rating Maggie from Boston, Massachusetts


I came to this performance as someone who has been following Hamilton since 2014. I know the words, I mother and occasionally sang along, and was ridiculed by the people sitting near me. They made me feel subhuman and like I had runes their experience purely through my enjoyment of it. Incredible show but ridiculously entitled guests. No one should have the right to dictate how someone else enjoys a performance and certainly shouldn’t make them feel inferior for enjoying the music and experience. Again five stars for the cast, zero stars for the people sitting near us who chose to destroy their own experience of the show by listening to my humming and the odd spoken word instead of the performance.

4.0 star rating C Casey from Fredericksburg, Virginia


I was so happy to see HAMILTON..without paying Broadway prices. The staff was welcoming and very helpful. The musical was everything I was hoping for! Tremendous singing and breathtaking sets and costumes! I thank the cast and crew for a wonderful evening of the crafty Alexander Hamilton. A special huzzah to the actor portraying King George!

4.0 star rating Russ Pagulayan from Toronto, Ontario


It was a fun time, but this evening I came to realize how much a the characters of Hamilton and Burr need to play off of each other to make each of them stronger. Also, during parts of the show where you feel like you need to cheer on the characters the Ushers come by and indicate that you are not allowed to cheer. (e.g. immigrants we get the job done?)

4.0 star rating CHris Mason from Fort Myers, Florida


I went to see the show at BB Mann Ft myers fl. I actors were amazing especially king George. The first half of the show I could only under 50% of what was being said. At the break, I asked people around if they understood the words...they said half of it. I mean, I didnt even know the WAR ended until king George came on to say "GOOD LUCK ON YOUR OWN!" I asked the staff if they could turn on the $50k speaker array in the balcony, which they did not. The second act I could understand 85% of what was going on and I enjoyed it much more. I do believe the rapping and fast sing/talking makes the actors mumble...

5.0 star rating from San Francisco, California


I have been excited to see this show since I first heard it was coming to San Fran. It was worth all the excitement. The show is fast moving and the actors are phenomenal. I loved the amazing energy in the crowd from the first moment A. Burr walked on stage until the final curtain calls. This is a must see

5.0 star rating Dan from Santa Rosa, California


My wife and I read the book, listened to the soundtrack, and bought the entire SHN season just to make sure we could get tickets to Hamilton. Our expectations simply could not have been higher. But the sheer energy of the performance, the pin-point choreography, the incredible voices, and of course Miranda's writing, combine to absolutely shatter our expectations and create an experience that simply must be witnessed to be believed. Hamilton is a production that will be taught in university courses for centuries and it deserves every bit of the attention is has received. To those who have yet to see it, I highly recommend listening to the soundtrack a few times beforehand. A little familiarity with the lyrics will allow you to better enjoy the rest of the production -- you'll be able to use less mental energy to understand what's being sung, and more to appreciate the staging and performances. It's awesome. Simply awesome.

5.0 star rating Mark Stivers from Sacramento, California


I've been playing and watching musical theatre all my life and it's tempting to say that this is my favorite show of all time. The combination of subject matter, innovation, respect for tradition, and stellar execution, resulting in the highest critical and commercial success, will not be repeated for a long time. When I watch the opening of Hamilton, I get the same frisson of excitement that I get when I see "The Dance at the Gym" from West Side Story. This is Broadway history; this is a show for the ages.

5.0 star rating James from Baltimore, Maryland


Saw it on Broadway and it changed my perception of the world and my life, I will come to Baltimore! Here are just a few words to describe it. Happiness Pride Greed Honor Money Legacy Lust Love Children
Satisfaction Glory Fear Death Country Strength Sex Dishonor Brothe
rhood Wonder Envy Blood Freedom Tyranny Adultery War Parenting Orphanin
g Scandal Politics Extortion Shame Hope Sisterhood Sickness Retirem
ent Fear Genius Weakness Rest Law Slavery Harmony Wealth Regret Pain
Death Mistakes And History.... = HAMILTON.

5.0 star rating David Bell from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


One of the best productions I have seen in my 75 years. What distinguishes it from the rest is the diversity of the cast. We have finally seen that the race and nationality of the cast rarely has to reflect the reality of the historical facts. A production dealing with such a complicated historical period is never easy. "Hamilton" succeeded beyond expectations. As a lifelong Philadelphian I recommend spending several days here to see and feel one of the historic settings

5.0 star rating Anna from Stanfod, California


I saw Hamilton several weeks ago--the cast was incredibly talented! I'd also like to note how helpful the security staff was at the Orpheum at the beginning and end of the show. They were friendly and very attentive to any needs or questions I had. I will definitely be coming back to the Orpheum soon!

5.0 star rating Nicole Roper from New Orleans, Louisiana


OH MY GOSH!!! I love this musical so much. It's so new and it connects to the next generation. It's a family friendly show (with a couple exceptions). My family loves the show and my daughter loves playing role in the show. She is Eliza, because she has a lot of solos. Gosh, we love this show so much.

5.0 star rating Valerie from San Francisco, California


This is the second musical I've seen in my life, and I have my friend, who got me the ticket, to thank for that. Seeing this musical was like one of those moments that just stick with you for the rest of your life. The music was well orchestrated and the choreography was amazing, along with the lighting, humor, and costume. It was definitely a life changing moment. And the seats were amazing too! My friend had given me seat in row S, which is the Orchestra area. While it was pricey, I was able to get a good view of the people performing. Of course, due to the profanity of this show I wouldn't recommend children unless you're one of those parents who are really chill about it, but I would take someone who is okay with that kind of language. That day I didn't have time to eat somewhere nearby because I was coming from school, but I remember when I was watching something else around the area, I ate at Alexander's Steak House (Ha, get it? Alexander Hamilton?) and it was really good.

5.0 star rating Aquamarine from Tamworth, New Hampshire


I'm a 15 year old Latina and this musical is the musical that inspired me, it basically said to me "don't give up your dreams, cause no matter what you look like, you can get there, you can be on that stage." So, yeah, I can't wait for this to come. Not that I'd afford it.

5.0 star rating Bridget from San Francisco, California


I've been listening to the soundtrack of Hamilton since it was made available. I loved the musical initially from it's brilliant lyrics and style. I could not have imagined how impactful the performance would be live. The actors and choreography make you want this theater experience to never end. There are several actors who performed their roles on Broadway including Emmy Raver-Lampman ( heart breaking Angelia), Isaiah Johnson (commanding George Washington), Michael Luwoye (perfect Hamilton), Joshua Henry (shining complex Burr) and hilarious Rory O'Malley as King George. Go for the same day tickets or do whatever you can to see this show.

5.0 star rating Broadway sf guy from San Francisco, California


I went to the first two previews on friday and saturday march 10 and march 11. The show itself exceeds all the substantial hype and praise and is truly one of the very best of the 200+ musicals Ive seen on broadway and tour-its fast moving, musically brilliant, deeply emotional and will take you on a journey of one of the most incredible rivalry's in history between Burr and Hamilton. Often tour casts are not quite at the level of broadway casts-not the case here AT ALL. Joshua Henry as Burr and Michael Luwoye as Hamilton could do these roles on broadway today and probably will in the future. The cast also includes the fantastically funny tony nominated Rory OMalley as King George...hilarious. Yes the tickets are pricey, and yes its well worth it, Hamilton is an entertaining tour de force that will be regarded as a milestone in musical theatre achievement and impact-go see it before it leaves town!

5.0 star rating Lori Watermelon from Boston, Massachusetts


With all broadway shows they go above and beyond, although with Hamilton, it makes all the other shows look like low-budget high school productions. The amount of energy, and ferocity was insane, and I simply could not wait to see it a second time. Or third. Or fourth. Really, I will never get tired of this performance. "Jazzy J's" whistle register simply knocked me out of my seat but not only that, it was also how she could control the audience's emotion with a single tear, or perfect placed crack in the voice while singing "Say No To This." I could talk about every single actor and actress in the production, but MY GOD the ensemble I think blew us all away(no pun intended) … I will say again, the energy was phenomenal, and I really could not think of a better place I would want to be in the World. Amazing Job.

5.0 star rating from San Francisco, California


Adored it in New York and then loved it in Chicago. I know SF will be brilliant. Don't miss it. It's everything people say, and more.

5.0 star rating Susie M from Orlando, Florida


Had the great opportunity to see this show in Chicago over the weekend of the Fourth! Incredible - best show / best soundtrack / a MUST see. I'm at the airport now flying back to FL and am already looking for tickets in 2018, closer to home! Can't wait to see this show again!

5.0 star rating Eileen from McCandless Pennsylvania


I was not sure what to expect so I listened to the sound track along with printed lyrics on youtube. It made all the difference in my enjoyment. I understood the plot and the sung lyrics. Yes, the singing was fast and hard to keep up with but you will enjoy it much more If you take the time to listen to the sound track with lyrics before you attend. All said, best musical I've ever seen and at 72 I've seen more than a few.

5.0 star rating Faith from Hartford, Connecticut


An incredible production with amazing singing, dancing and content! A must see. To help understand what’s going on a little better, I’d suggest reading a little bit about Hamilton on the internet before seeing this fast paced spectacular! If you have seats in the balcony , bring binoculars!

5.0 star rating Arlene from Fripp Island, SC


Wonderful, amazing production. I knew the music and lyrics from a CD, but was blown away by the physicality of the show and the terrific choreography and dancers. The transitions among the many scenes were seamless. I have recommended the show to friends. I drove almost 5 hours to see the show and it was completely worth it (but Greenville is a great destination). I was grateful to learn of the production dates from friends who live in Greenwood.

5.0 star rating WmW from Buffalo, New York


Shea is a wonderful place to experience this mesmerizing performance by an incredible cast. True: you should expect a rather fast paced rap, at times, but even the unaccustomed ears should have little trouble picking it up, in particular if you treat yourself to the soundtrack upfront. We enjoyed it immensely, and Lafayette/Jefferson, Eliza, Hamilton, and the King were particularly outstanding. We attended the Nov 21 Matinee (I.e., day after Buffalo premiere), and had 1st row Loge seats, with perfect stage view and sound. The audience in the sold out theatre seemed to love it, too. I recommend you arrive early, to take in the stunning decor inside of Shea’s - another real treat.

5.0 star rating Sarah from Boston, Massachusetts


Excellent show and stellar cast. I would see it again in a heartbeat. It lived up to the hype. For those worried about not understanding every word, familiarize yourself with the story history wise and you will be fine. It was a memorable trip to the theater for sure! Bravo!

5.0 star rating Maggie from Boston, Massachusetts


Loved it would go back to see it again such historical facts I did not know

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